This book, produced by the Australian Children's Theatre Foundation, chronicles the life and legacy of the Rayner sisters.

The book will be launched at the Drama Victoria Jumpstart conference on Saturday 19 March 2016 at the Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne.

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For centuries before the modern era, travelling performers would roam between villages to entertain local communities. Folklore and traditions came to life in these times to be shared from generation to generation by storytelling and mime.

This tradition of the "Strolling Players" was the inspiration that motivated two New Zealand sisters, Joan and Betty Rayner, to learn the craft of acting and performance and use these talents to share folk stories and tales of inspirational learning in Australia and around the globe.

This book tells the story of how the Rayner sisters established the Theatre of Youth, the Australian Children's Theatre, and established the Australian Children's Theatre Foundation so that future generations could continue to share the fun, merriment and excitement of children's theatre.

Witness the Rayner sisters' life of wandering.

Obtain insights into how they entertained their audiences, young and old. Share in the delight of this pictorial album. Anybody who admires inspiring performance and imagination will enjoy the story of the Strolling Players, Joan & Betty Rayner.